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   29.07.2018 - Years later, 4 years in 16 seconds

Today the camera has died.
More precisely, i opened it up for the yearly battery replacement and photo download, and once it was put back together the error light kept lighting up.
Turns out the card in it was no longer writeable.

Gonna try to replace it some time this week, meanwhile i feel like it's the right time to post the footage collected so far.

Here is it a noon every day. The best part of it i how the trees poof in blossom suddenly.

Timelapse: 4 years of apples, centered at noon
 Poof, blossom

And here is the same closer to evening. You can actually see how the sun's elevation change as the times of the year go by.
The jitter in the sun represents the jitter in the camera's onboard clock.

Timelapse: 4 years of apples, sun motion
 Sun bobs up, sun bobs down

So, how was it performing?
The batteries tend to last about 9 months, after which it starts losing frames at night.
The clock on it is a bit erratic and have drifted almost a full day over 4 years. Fortunately the drift is consistent so i can correct for it in post processing.
The sensor shows it's age, being 640x480 in the days of 4K being the norm and HD being the expected minimum.

All in all, i'm facing with a hard choice: Add more batteries so it'll last 5 years, or add a better sensor as well, and have to keep replacing the batteries every year...?

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   03.05.2015 - Street art timelapse, Valparaiso

My friend Saschar, a streetart/graffiti artist, working on a wall in Valparaiso.
Filmed at at 12 seconds per hour.

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   12.12.2014 - Lapsing through a snowy day in Moscow

Some test footage from a DIY time lapse camera, that happened to illustrate the mood of a winter day in Moscow.
Runs from 2:50 to 20:30 at about 1 frame each 30 seconds.

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   25.09.2013 - Building construction time lapse, 2010-2012

Apartment building being constructed, time lapse from 2010 to 2012 at a rate of one month per second.
Frames centred at noon every day.

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   25.09.2013 - Seasonal sun drift time lapse

Time lapse from 2010 to 2012 at a rate of one month per second.
Frames are made at 8am every day, allowing you to see the sun drifting from season to season over the year.

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   13.08.2010 - Moscow smog, 54000X timelapse

21 days of smoke in Moscow filmed at 1 frame per 30 minutes.
21 день дыма в Москве, снятые со скоростью в 1 кадр за 30 минут.

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   24.05.2009 - 95 seconds

November 2008 thru Feburary 2009 in 95 seconds. 100000x time compression recording.
С ноября 2008 по февраль 2009 за 95 секунд. 100000x съёмка.

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   22.05.2009 - 6 seconds

November 2008 thru Feburary 2009 in 6 seconds.
3000000x time compression recording.

С ноября 2008 по февраль 2009 за 6 секунд.
3000000x съёмка.
November 2008 thru Feburary 2009 in 6 seconds

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