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Shukra Venus balloon station
Last updated: 100111

   13.08.2008 - Shukra description

Shukra Venus Balloon Station is a manned facility in the Earth region of the Venus atmosphere, maintained up there by aerostatic means.

Incomplete, development unlikely.

-Files and running guide:
Available on OH:
Unpack into Orbiter directory.
Shukra is UMMU compatible, installing UMMU addon is highly recommended. See
OF thread for bug reports and discussion:

-Collision physics specs and known bugs:
The landing happens if relative velocity is less than 0.5 m/s.
The station's location is fixed once the time accel goes above 10x, other time it is in free-float.
Landing on a station with time accel above or equal 10 is certain to create bugs.

-Keyboard controls:

Landing vessel:
. - engage wheel arrest

To move, set ROT or OFF mode
Motion as in ground mode, secondary - ADWS
Airlock B is on.
E - action button

Alt+C - Stow/Retract landing strip
Alt+V - Stow/Retract probe
Alt+B - Cycle dropper
Numpad + - Raise station
Numpad - - Lower station

VC Camera navigation:
K move forward
I move backwards
J turn left
L turn right
U Return to default location

In Hindu mythology, Shukra, son of Bhrigu, is the god of Venus and guru of the Asuras, or demons.
29.01.2015 22:09 - j

This is incredible. Who would have thought of a flying airbase :)
17.01.2011 17:15-Carmen A

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