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   20.05.2016 - 3D in super slow motion

An interactive take on how the 3D graphics work:

Nothing to read if that visual page does not work for you...

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   11.05.2016 - Bits, now online

It developed that these days few people download and run the programs.
So, after some work and figuring stuff out i got the last random game, Bits, working in the browser on asm.js.


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   03.05.2016 - Bits

Not every lesson was fun during school. Sometimes you just had to doodle. Eventually, the doodling turned into a game of pencil and eraser enabling things to fight on paper.
It's this game that i implemented one day, since it looked like something that can be turned into a computer game.

Tentatively named "Bits", the game puts you in control of a single ship against a death star and it's escort, fighting over a notebook page.
Should be a fun one-time thing.

If anyone is interested, here it is (100 Kb):
Linux 64 bit:

Controls are WS or up/down arrows for accelerating and decellerating, mouse button fires, space pauses.
Goal is to hit the centre of the big ship.
Hint: the weapons are lasers, they heat instead of destroying. You have to keep the beam focused on a target for a second to melt and damage it.

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   25.04.2016 - Rocket Land

There is a game (tentatively named "Rocket Land") i made quite a while ago but never bothered to continue or release before now.
It's a 2D rocket physics kind of game, but instead of magical "this point makes thrust" engines and "this thing does torque" rotators you actually have to make a mass ejector of some sort. Rocket science, not orbital mechanics (but that is in there too).
Ideally, you'll be drawing your rockets, but at the moment there is only a set of pre-drawn ones, since UI is 99% of the effort.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, here it is (300 Kb):
Linux 64 bit:

Controls are WASD for the steering and engine, q activates engines, tab drops stages, space pauses.
If the mouse wheel scroll does not work, then use up and down arrows (can happen on a Mac). Held mouse key scrolls.
There are 4 scenarios, A to D, loadable by the buttons on the bottom left.

Both moons should be reachable, especially with the big lander in D, if you could navigate the debris belt and use the fuel sparingly. :)

 A ship with boosters

 Lander on the blue moon

 At some point in the past there was a kessler syndrome (to make things interesting)

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   01.03.2016 - Procrastinate-o-meter

Last update: 160301-1

Procrastinate-o-meter is a tool that would help you track your computer usage.
This simple program logs what programs you were running and for how long.
It does it by logging which window was at the top every second.
It should recognize browser tabs too.

Download (Windows only at the moment):
Prometer 160301-1

Linux/Java version, made by Zheka_Dnepr at

Active window is noted every second, log is saved every 10 seconds.
It can't detect if the user is doing something or not, only what window is active right now.

Run, "Hide" button or esc key moves to tray.
Clicking tray icon restores the window.


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