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DIY Digital camera
Last update: 26th Marth 2013
At Ribbonfarm

Images - high resolution
Images - cityscape
-> Images - in colour
Images - indoors
Images - MWIR
Images - SWIR

Making of:
Start here
Noise handling
To be continued.

   Camera - Colour images

----- 23rd January 2015 -----

 RGB. Indoors scene.

 IRGB. Indoors scene.

----- 12th August 2012 -----

 IRGB. Window scene in colour with newer stabilization.

 MWIR+R+G. Window scene in false colour.

----- 29th April 2012 -----

 IRGB. Attempt at true colour, window scene.

 RGB. Attempt #2 at true colour, window scene.

----- 18th April 2012 -----

 NIR/V. Illustrating different light sources - light bulbs give lots of IR and are red, luminescent lights give mostly visible, and are cyan.

----- 17th April 2012 -----

 IR/R/G. New amplifier and a bigger pinhole gives nice indoor view, at cost of resolution

----- March 2012 and earlier -----

 IR+Green. Sunny day in colours.

 IR+Green, doublescan. Sunny day in colours.

 IR+Green. Colour view out of a window.

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