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Pepelats quadrotor UAV
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   15.07.2015 - New old quad, predictable outcome

The old Pepela was gathering dust for 4 years.
I decided to revive it.
New electronics, FPV gear, general cleanup, you name it.
The frame was the same.

The remote control was equipped with a screen, a video receiver and a video recorder.

You might have noticed that it looks like a painted corpse.
That's because it is.

I was practicing FPV flying in a field, and...
Let's just say it's a bad idea to turn sharply:

The damage is not that bad - two broken props and some cracked plastic. The frame is not even bent.
That was it's fifth flight. I expect it to fly more.
A good camera and a proper OSD are on the way, so it will be only uphill from here.

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