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   05.10.2014 - Microbook, mk 1

MicroBook, a simple ebook reader

A device made for a single purpose - read books, anywhere.
Fully open-source, no music player, no 100500 formats support, no internet browsing/3G/Wifi, no bells, no whistles - only book reading.
The books are stored on an microsd card, power comes from the sun.
The battery appears to last for weeks with backlight on, and months with it off.
And since it's open-source, you can always trade the thinness for a bigger battery. :)

Now with an e-ink screen: Mk. 2

Hardware description
Firmware description and downloads

Firmware emulator (for windows)
(Start with run.bat, keys 1, 2, 3, 4 on the keyboard act as the buttons on the device. The books go into card.img file.

Wery nice! Are You going to share sources?

Best regards
26.05.2018 19:30 - Evg

Hi, are you available to work on some similar projects ?
27.03.2018 05:02 - Wober Dane

I actually thought about making something with this or 10.2" displays of theirs.
However i'm out of budget for the moment, and these things are expensive even without intercontinental delivery.

Not sure how much sense would it make - even 2.7" one alone cost as much as two Mk1 microbooks, and 7.4" one would be 4 times more expensive than that.
In other words, it would escalate from "easy DIY project" to "ridiculous".
Even Mk2 is already almost past the "makes sense" line, and is only there because 2.7" displays are common enough in various kits to be reasonable.
26.02.2015 02:36 - Artlav - how about this one?
25.02.2015 13:59 - Max

Absolutely gorgeous. But, the commentary about larger display still applies: is there a chance to see mk3 (or macrobook) e-ink reader which is about 20 cm wide - so it fits in a4 paper easily. And, ideally, with some touch capabilities so there's no need to bother with soldering buttons on the side?
25.02.2015 13:53 - Max

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