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   19.07.2018 - Summer cleanup

Finally cleaned up this place...
It's like digging through a memory attic.

Over 13 years:

-5 coding styles and formatting methods were used as the code evolved. You can date articles by them, the older the crutchier.
-8 design changes, with bits of old ones scattered around. Here and there pieces expected dark background.
-2.2 Gb of images and files. Back before image hosting this was the only way to share photos.
-4.6 Mb of apps. Really have to get that pascal->JS compilation working again.
-48 Mb of logs, since i last cleaned them in 2015. So many bots and auto-hackers...
-100 Kb of text. Articles and stuff.
-32 Kb of comments (after purging all the spambots). Not sure if i keep them open - i'd have to find a better captcha solution.

The last one is interesting - "people wrote back at me 30% as much as i wrote at them" sounds way better than "one comment per 50k visitors".
Got 30k visits since the start of the year, btw. So a comment should appear some time before the end of 2018. :)

TL;DR: For the first time in 10+ years this place is uniform in both code, formatting and design. Expect new stuff to appear!


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