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   28.06.2016 - Crash and burn

How peculiar is it to go fly a quadrocopter?
This set of parts that would take months to reach you from the far east, put together into a machine that can fly.

This set of parts, that will, inevitably, crash and burn.
When all the work you put in it might have to be repeated.
And yet, you go out to the open field.

You set it on the ground, you turn the power on, the cameras are rolling.

Into the sky it goes, majestically and with a little wobble.
To give some pretty pictures back.

But in the end, it crashed and burned, as these things always do.

Someone might wonder, why not order a real drone?
A Phantom, something shiny, stable, with no chances of phase lag crossing the 360 when over a swamp?

 Not a drone i made or own

But for every drone it's destination death.
What would it be when this shiny thing encounters it one day?
Not much that i could fix. A pretty thing, but only single-use.

However, with my butterfly it wouldn't be the same.

It's built to crash.
It's flexible, it falls apart where i designed it to.

Sometimes i need to change a prop, of which i got a box.
Sometimes it only needs it's guts to be secured back inside.

Retie the straps, reprint the legs.
Take off.
And fly, to crash and burn again.

Do you have a build list? More so the type of camera you are using along with the receiver/screen?

thank you for posting your projects!

22.11.2016 19:33 - james

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