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   03.05.2016 - Bits

Not every lesson was fun during school. Sometimes you just had to doodle. Eventually, the doodling turned into a game of pencil and eraser enabling things to fight on paper.
It's this game that i implemented one day, since it looked like something that can be turned into a computer game.

Tentatively named "Bits", the game puts you in control of a single ship against a death star and it's escort, fighting over a notebook page.
Should be a fun one-time thing.

If anyone is interested, here it is (100 Kb):
Linux 64 bit:

Controls are WS or up/down arrows for accelerating and decellerating, mouse button fires, space pauses.
Goal is to hit the centre of the big ship.
Hint: the weapons are lasers, they heat instead of destroying. You have to keep the beam focused on a target for a second to melt and damage it.

Yep, pretty much. I guess adding side thrusters might simplify it too much.
06.06.2016 12:46 - Artlav

This is hard! Does \'D\' toggle debug mode?
25.05.2016 01:21 - Kaboom

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