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ORbiter ULtimate EXpirience

Orulex is a run-time landscape generator for Orbiter.
In two pictures, Orulex transforms your typical flat Orbiter planet

Into something it should be fun to fly around,

And doing it while you fly around.

Basic features:
* Generates planet terrain in Orbiter on the fly, using real data or fractal functions
* Easily downloadable textures and heightmaps data for Earth, and other planets
* Lv11 global Orbiter and Lv6-Lv22 local downloaded textures (LandSat, USGS) support

System requirements:
Out of the box:
256Mb RAM + what Orbiter and OS takes
1.5+Ghz CPU, good video card
(if it runs Orbiter Lv10+NASSP with good FPS it will run Orulex as if nothing is here)

1Gb RAM + what Orbiter and OS takes + what local maps you will download
2-3Ghz CPU, ~1Gb of disk space, Fast Cheap internet (Lv9 heightmap is 466Mb download).

Download (Release-1.2):

Pre-composed heightmaps: (84Mb) (82Mb) (81Mb) (5.3Mb) (9Mb)

Performance guidelines:
*If you got a multi-core CPU, it is almost always better to keep multithread mode on.
*If you got single-core CPU and Orulex feels slow on response or pre-computation takes longer than 10-15 seconds, try turning multithread mode off.
*Reducing polygon count may help if you got an old video card.
*Reducing LevLimit may give a more stable-looking landscape, but dropping quality exponentially.
*If you got FPS jerks on older/single-core PC's, look on texture timings.
TexGen-H defines time slice allocated when there is a lot to generate, TexGen-L defines time slice allocated when there are only small changes, like when you are flying around. Reducing them make Orbiter more responsive and terrain less responsive. Timings are not defined in multithread mode.

Collision Detection support:
MeshLand 2, WIP version:
Installation by standard Unpack&Play, activate MeshLand_2 module.

Newer collision Detection support:

Interface SDK:
DeltaGlider sample included.

Comparison video of Orulex in normal action:
China, flying in Gregburch's Swift1. (x264, 21Mb) (xVid, 31Mb)

Data servers list:
+SRTM global Earth terrain
+NASA derived global 30 meters per pixel satellite image mosaic
+NASA derived global 15 meters per pixel satellite image mosaic, donated and processed by I-Cubed using equipment from Isilon Systems.
+USGS Digital Ortho
+USGS Urban Area Ortho
+Pseudo color 15m Landsat mosaic provided by MDA Federal, scenes comprised from early 2000s
+Clementine global Moon terrain
+Clementine 40xx
+Clementine 30xx
+MOLA global Mars terrain
+Mars THEMIS Color
+Magellan Imaging Radar (Color)
+Magellan Imaging Radar (Grey)

Known bugs:
-Windows Vista random CTD
-Dislocated patches when flying with multithreaded mode on
-Textures getting colorfully random on some machines (probably Orbiter/DirectX bug on older systems)

You'll want to add a facebook button to your blog. I just bookmarked this article, although I had to complete it manually. Simply my $.02 :)

- Robson
17.12.2010 11:55-rachat de credit

I love it. :)
11.11.2010 09:03-Jim

Hi VEry nice posts i'sure i'sts nice
19.06.2010 14:18-Helleojagasip

I have a high expectation from Orulex, even with a mid range pc. It makes my machine jump slightly, but the effects of this minor addon really brings the feel of exploration to Orbiter. I can spend hours skimming over orulex terrains with my mp3 blasting in the cockpit.
10.06.2010 00:43-Duras

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