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Orbiter Ultimate Experience screenshots
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1.0 In-Dev trees and rocks
1.0 In-Dev
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   Nebo - Nebo 0.5

Coupled with Nebo 0.5:
Venus landing:
Video 1, high quality:
Hi-res : oru-nebo-2-x264.avi
29Mb, 800x600, x264 codec ( )
Low-res : oru-nebo-2-wmv9.avi
12Mb, 320x240, windows media 9 codec

Video 2, low quality:
Hi-res : oru-nebo-x264.avi
32Mb, 800x600, x264 codec ( )
Low-res : oru-nebo-wmv9.avi
9Mb, 320x240, windows media 9 codec


 Venus. Fog. Test 1.

 Venus. Flying in the fog.

 Venus. Flying in the fog. Something is wrong from above...

 Landed on Venus. Looks surprisingly good.

 Cloud deck test.

 Textured cloud deck.

 In the murky depths of Venus.

 Visibility is near zero.

 Flying in the cave.

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