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1.1 In-Dev
-> 1.0 (Latest)
1.0 In-Dev trees and rocks
1.0 In-Dev
Orulex 0.9.1-Mars
0.9.x In-Dev
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   01.04.2008 - Latest (1.0)

 Somewhere in North America, just picked a place with mountains in it.

 Brighton Impact Crater. Sound and looks strange, but proves the base craters existence.

 Venus, landing view. Athmosphere is incredibly clean for it.

 Europa. The icy one near Jupiter.

 Io, sulphur world.

 That looks like some place on the Moon.

 Nereid, asteroid rendering demo.

 In the Andes, Earth-Lv8 only.

 Everest region, Lv13. No pause view, i think.

 Grand Canyon, Lv13. Another no-pause view.

 Olympus Hill. It should be a crater, but it was a hill in dev-phase.

 World Studio. Im sure the gods have a better version.

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