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Orbiter Ultimate Experience screenshots
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   21.03.2008 - 1.0 In-dev

New texgen, China:
Video: (x264, 21Mb) (xVid, 31Mb)

 World Studio protoype. A tool to edit planets.

 Flying in China.

 Somewhere in Chine.

 China again, no map to check the placename.

 Same China, looking left on the mountains.

 And a view from outside. Eagle-mounted camera?

Hi-res, Lv11:

 Level 11 South America. As plain as its said.

 World Studio protoype. A tool to edit planets.

 Looks like Costa Rica.

Titania, then Setebos:

 Titania, floating.

 Setebos, reeling in the starship.

 Setebos, same reeling, view from aside.

 Setebos - Bullet landing complete.

New worlds:

 Andes. Earth-Lv8 only.

 Europa. Channelled version.

 Hm. Andes?

 Olympus Crater.

 Venus descent. The air clarity is annoying.

 Ganymede fractalis.

 Io. Green.


 Europa ice reflections test.

 Glittering Earth.

 Some icy moon.

 Same icy moon.

 Same icy moon.

 Same icy moon. Again.


 Level 64 resolution. Pixels, not magnitudes.

 Tex64 Grand Canyon. Left.

 Tex64 Grand Canyon. Center.

 Tex64 Grand Canyon. Right.

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