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   21.12.2007 - The Mars trip

The trip from Olympus base to the Chasma Borealis Arctic Research Station.

 Olympus base crater, a research base on Mars not so far from the Olympus Mons.
 Local time: morning

 Not so long after sunrise, a DG-S01 Agatodemon is standing ready on the pad.
 The flight ahead is a simple one - go to Chasma Borealis ARS, check the Olympus Mons crater on the way, and look for anything strange.

 Take-off, and heading north, over the crater rim.

 The rim of Olympus base crater, a ragged mountain circle left after perpendicular high-speed impact in the near past.

 Going up on slight slope.
 The Mons ahead is above 20Km high, and the slope on this side is quite flat.

 Kilometers up, the sky is getting an orbital look.

 The crater is right ahead.

 Olympus Mons crater, what is believed to be the largest crater of the largest volcano in the solar system.

 A successful landing in the crater, some walking around.

 Back in the ship, ready for take-off.

 Flying north, slightly upside-down to use the nosedrops.

 The camera left behind transmitted only one shot...
 Someone is going to be sued for bad equipment.

 The opposite end of the Olympus Mons slope is different from the bases side.
 A near-vertical drop more than a 10Km high...

 Keep the north heading, the sun is sinking, the terrain is getting ragged.

 The sun is nearly set.

 A strange and unexpected formation is showing slightly starboard of current course.
 Looks worth of investigation.

 Course changed, going for the fly-by.
 Some sort of a world bug, probably a MOLA data error.

 Magnificent and ugly, the bug pillars are getting closer.

 Fly-by, the towering pillars are going to stay here.
 Bug or not, they look strange enough to be left for someone to find and wonder.

 The snow is starting to appear. Carbon dioxide snow

 The sun is almost set.
 Only the snow is glittering on mountaintops.

 Approaching Chasma Borealis ARS, the high crater is still sunlit.

 Landed on Chasma Borealis ARS.
 The end.

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