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OGLAClient - OpenGL Orbiter Graphic client
Last updated: 091029 Obsolete!
Will not work!

Работать не будет!

OGLAClient is an OpenGL Orbiter Graphic client

Actively developed in anticipation of Orbiter release.
Currently working on:
Perrformace issues
Currently thinking on:
Combining all these features with good performance
Better atmospheric rendering

-What is done:
...A lot...

-Files and running guide:
OGLAClient is not perfect and will not be so any time soon, so treat it as a work in progress release.

Latest release is 091029:
OF thread for bug reports and discussion:

Copy Beta into a folder:
Copy OGLAClient over it, copy heightmaps in (if needed).

Known problems:
-Some, generally low performance.

Useful Orulex components (Optional, but recommended):
Pre-composed heightmaps: (84Mb) Very recommended. Terrain is a bad joke without it. (82Mb) (81Mb) (5.3Mb) (9Mb)

You do not need Orulex add-on to have terrain in OGLA, it's integrated in itself.

-The old, but maybe still useful Linux-Wine guide by sim4lin:
Make an Orbiter dir in your fake C:\ drive, "/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Orbiter" for example.
Install Orbiter2006p1 (base and sdk) in that dir.
Place the following DLL's in "/home/username/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32"
(Found on your Windows partition at "C:\windows\system32" or "C:\windows\system", or probably be available from a DLL download site.)


Install latest beta from
(you must use the beta that your OGLAClient.dll was compiled against. Do not install one beta over another. If you need to change, do a fresh Orbiter install.)

If you're not compiling your own OGLAClient, extract the latest or latest stable OGLAClient (from OGLAClient files page of this site) to "/home/username/.wine/Orbiter"

Orbiter needs to run in it's root dir, so cd to "/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Orbiter" and start Orbiter with the command:

# wine Modules/Server/orbiter

You may not see any scenarios when you first start. Once you have clicked on another tab, it will be normal.
Activate the OGLAClient module only, and run the scenario without ShuttleA in it, as the latter is known to cause a crash.
If you get a crash when trying to activate the OGLAClient module, edit "Orbiter_NG.cfg" by hand adding this after the "Multiplayer parameters" section:

; === Active plugin list ===

After any crash it may be wise to do a:
# killall wine
just to be sure.

автор проекта еще есть на связи? Просьба откликнуться
24.03.2015 19:04 - Дмитрий

ЎUf, me gustу! Tan clara y positiva.

27.10.2010 18:49-Dougles

I always inspired by you, your thoughts and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Thomas
13.10.2010 14:38-Internet Casino

the precious advises u presented do help our team's investigation for my company, appreaciate that.

- Lucas
01.10.2010 13:26-Krankenversicherung Vergleich

absolutly fantastic, very near or exactly as NASA views ! i must work on music pieces for my concert but i am in a hurry to test that by myself !
28.04.2010 01:07-cslevine

Exelent, great thanks for all.
Mod compability can be improved ?
If i remember correctly, some mod had difficulty for work.
The effect are very beautifull.
27.04.2010 20:06-

This is TRUELY amazing !!!!

Hope to see this project at the final release.. I can't see what could be improved.. But watching you increasing the level of details each salve of full development, I can't imagine what it will be next time I'll go on this page :D

Congratulations !
27.04.2010 13:06-François Gilbert

amazing, you should go to heaven! :D
15.04.2010 01:39-McWgogs

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