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OGLA Client screenshots
Release 2010 Tuesday edition
Development: Early 2010
Development: late October 2009
Development: early October 2009
Development: June 2009
Development: April 2009
Development: September 2008
April 2008 Development
March 2008 Release
MultiLight 0711xx
Multilight old
2D stuff (GDI)
Scale video (Spaceway)
-> Very Old

   20.04.2007 - Very Old 0704xx, concept

 Vessel instancing test.

 High-altitude planet rendering test.

 Multi-planet rendering test.

 Moon: multi-planet rendering test.

 Out of Orbiter: First rendering on OGLA engine with vessel and planet. The Mars is actually a meter wide and right under the DG gear, but is drawn at level 6.

 Out of Orbiter: Texture leveling support test.

 Out of Orbiter: Planet texture and LOD decoding complete. First coherent planet rendering of OGLA and first known OGLA image.

 Linux native design type.

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