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Development: late October 2009
Development: early October 2009
Development: June 2009
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April 2008 Development
March 2008 Release
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MultiLight 0711xx
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Very Old

   26.11.2007 - Development-0711xx

 NASSP shadow contrib image. Showing a major shadow bug fixed.

 A closer look on the NASSP LEM and astronaut.

 Overview of NASSP LEM

 NASSP LM landing and shadow.

 DG over Copernicus Crater terrain, autoreduction shadow test.

 DG over Procellarum terrain, autoreduction shadow test.

 Ambient light fix, Sun fix, Sun color fix, Earth colors fix.

 ISS. Ambient lights fix.

 ISS-Atlantis. Shadows showcase.

 ISS-DG. Shadows showcase.

 DG, DG and PB over Brighton Beach base. Shadows showcase.

 Earth overview. No particular tags.

 Sunset view. Haze alignment test?

 ISS top-test for performance.

 Generic HUD, VC on by default, Earth in the rear view mirror.

 PB on Phobos. Asteroid mesh support demo.

 PB over Copernicus Crater terrain. Surface base rendering support.

 Phobos and MArs. Asteroid rendering demo.

 Venus sunset. Haze alignment fix.

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