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Grand Flagplanting Tour
GFpT Chapter 1 (Mercury - Venus)
GFpT Chapter 2 (Earth - Moon)
GFpT Chapter 3 (Mars and it's demons)
-> GFpT Chapter 4 (On the way and around Failure)

   Orbiter screenshots - Grand Flagplanting Tour Chapter 4

Out and around the Red Devil, an expedition was packing up for departure.
Time was short.

 The Main Star above Red Devil. It's going to be much darker further on.

 Half way away from inner system to the outer, there is a time for one adjustment to their course.

 A perfect time to put a flag on one more World.

 A World that is as vast as can not be imagined.

 A World that every other world inhabit.

 This flag belongs to Space.

 To fly along the Failure's pull.
Away into the endless nothing.
That makes us all exist.

 But that far is not in their immediate way.
Failure awaits.

 Failure Of A Star, a world that is by size the second only to the Main Star.

 To big to be a useful planet, to small to be a useful star.

 No rings, no special shapes, no minerals, large gang of moons.

 The Failure screams with death instead of what should have been starlight.

 It would have been unwise to stay among these screams for long.

 A Spikey Rock is nicely placed around.

 It's depths providing perfect haven.

 For the Deep Star to wait untill the same same job is done.

 Starting, unsurprisingly, from the Spikey itself.

 The Failure lurks behind the spikes, too thick to let it's screams to pass.
It's time to set off.

 The nearby Red Rock gets the same treatment as the Gloating Demon, but for different reasons.

 The Sulfur Bath. Intimidating, hot, and cold. It's turn will not be next.

 There is no way for flag to live below on the enormouse gas ball or to survive the down trip.

 So it is set between the two - the Sulfur Bath and it's master.
A place where it will stay for some longer time.

 The Red-hot world above will be the next one.
But, sweeping back among it's shadow, the unexpected happens.

 The fuel is gone, the hull is sieved, it's glitter being a thing of past, the Ravenstar emerged into the light.

 Whatever hit it was not very dense, or there will be nothing left.

 No way to fix it, no way to improvise a drive.

 No answer to the mayday calls being sent into the endless void.

 In Space, noone can hear you scream.

 Until the Spikey emerges from behind the Failure, that is.
Before long, the help arrives.

 One lander used as a tug boat to get the injured Star back to the whole one.

 Another goes on to get the started job done.

 Down, to the mix of molten rock and freezing cold.

 To get on to the sulfurous surface without any problems.

 The flag, once more, goes out.

 And the tainted world is left behind.

 There might be more than a Garden's spin of time to go, yet there is a ship to fix and a whole domain of moons to flag.
He looked back at the inner worlds, where wasting time was the only thing to do.
Regret and envy are worthless anyway.

 To be continued...
Some day...
In another life...
Quite likely never.


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