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Grand Flagplanting Tour
GFpT Chapter 1 (Mercury - Venus)
GFpT Chapter 2 (Earth - Moon)
-> GFpT Chapter 3 (Mars and it's demons)
GFpT Chapter 4 (On the way and around Failure)

   Orbiter screenshots - Grand Flagplanting Tour Chapter 3

Place: Dusty Moon
Time: Too frigging much of it!

 Over 900 turns of Garden around itself relative to the Sun since the beginning, it's time to go on.

 Not much here but dust anyway.

 And the other Star is just where it was left another loop around the main one ago.

 The Red Devil is waiting.
The time is about right...

 ...To ignite a tiny star much hotter than the star behind...

 ...And say good bye to double planet
That hung among eternal night.

 The Red Devil is a deceitful and unhonest world.
From far away it's a comforting red dot.

 As you get closer, it is a ball of rusty stuff that promises a lot.

 Yet closer you will get an old world, desperate to keep itself alive.
A mighty network of irrigation channels show on it's surface.

 Resolving, splitting, getting more and more complex...

 To be disspelled as you get close enough for one good look.

 And see it's just a empty and deceitful desert.

 Same drill, new place, and in the night, the vessels splits in two.
Forsaken Demon is the first to get a flag stuck in it's hind.

 As orbits synced and end was close, he noticed something creeping starboard.

 A tingle of panic shot thru him for a moment.
The Red Devil and his minions was a nice deceiving lot.

 Yet the Forsaken one was weak enough to even keep him down.
The flag was set.

 This rock will not survive for long, his master slowly picking it apart.
His brother gloats about it.

 And on to him the Ravenstar followed.
Gloating Demon, straight ahead.

 Another flag deployed.

 And aimed well.

 This one does not deserve being landed on.

 Up close, the Red Devil have it's beauty.

 Vast canyons full of thin and suffocating air.

 And mountains standing taller than on any other world.

 Never the less, he gets the same treatment as everyone else.

 Nice place to stop on for a while.

 But for once, the time is not an option.

 The Failure must be reached before the Garden does another 4 loops around the main star.

 Grand Flagplanting Tour Chapter 4 (On the way and around Failure)


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