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Grand Flagplanting Tour
GFpT Chapter 1 (Mercury - Venus)
-> GFpT Chapter 2 (Earth - Moon)
GFpT Chapter 3 (Mars and it's demons)
GFpT Chapter 4 (On the way and around Failure)

   Orbiter screenshots - Grand Flagplanting Tour Chapter 2

A vessel made of several other vessels was bobbling around an oven-like rock.
It's course was being laid. Towards the twin blue and gray dot over the Oven's horizon.

 Their course set, the Stars are shot towards their next goal.

 92 days of plowing the emptyness are rewarded by a blue pearl hanging right ahead.

 And they arrive at the Garden of Eden.

 That one is tricky to get down to. It's full of air and it's full of water.
Yet, after hitting a board from low orbit on the Oven, it's no big deal.

 And on sunrise, the being aboard the Ravenstar found out that every garden have it's mud pools.

 Latter the same day, the flag erecting ritual commenced.
The mud was bad enough to keep the flag barely standing.

 Rituals aside, it's time to have some FUN.
There are years of waiting ahead anyway.

 Thru air into the mud...
Time to blast off this place.

 Mud or not, the view from over the Garden is breathtaking.

 As land stretches and moves below you...

 ...And you feel like standing on the top of the world...

 ...But for a space dweller, it's a common sight.
No big delay incurred, the Dusty Moon is the next step.

 Taking long for reaction fuel was low, the passage to the sattelite approached it's end.

 And the Ravenstar dived into the shadow of the Dusty Moon, slowing down on the way.

 Some good looks and reckoning for a nice spot to get down to, ...

 ...and getting down to it didn't take too much time.

 Hoping to beat the dust, he took off running to set the flag a little bit away...

 ...only to find out there is not so much dust as the name suggests.
Now, it's time to wait, the Garden hanging high above, untill the way to the Red Devil will be open.
What's with space flight and waiting?

 Grand Flagplanting Tour Chapter 3 (Mars and it's demons)


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