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   25.01.2009 - Concept: Rhego

The interstellar colony ship.

The vessel is supposed to be made with technologies of more or less observable future - 2060's for 1960's or 2200's for our days.
There are 4 modules - the ramdrive, the cargo block, a crew module and a braking fusion rocket, all linked by a long tether.
At the start, the modules are packed close together.
The initial acceleration is carried out by using a huge light sail attached to the ramboat. An array of lasers or something similar to them is covering the surface of a medium-sized Moon of one of the outer planets, like Saturn's Rhea, provide the push on the sail.

Once the boat is up to ram speed, the sail is shed off, and the main tether unreels - ramdrive on the front, cargo block in the middle, hab module and yet unused braking rockets - on the end.
The ramdrive ionizes the hydrogen ahead of it with UV or X-ray laser and scopes it with EM field, directing into he constrictor coil, that compresses the stream to the fusion point. The exhaust is then split into several streams going slightly sidewards to avoid hitting the rest of the vessel.
Behind the shield of the cargo module is the crew module - six rotatable blocks linked to a main sphere. It can provide for both the thrust gravity and the spin gravity by turning the blocks.

As the boat begin to slow down, the sequence of the modules is altered.
The ramdrive is reattached backwards and the braking module is put between it and the cargo block. All three minor modules are moved to the end of the tether to reduce exposure to the double effect of ramfield and exhaust as the drive runs in reverse, pushing it's exhaust into the ramfield, effectively creating a lot of drag with a large ionized cloud.

As the speed drops down below ramjet limit, the main drive is dropped off, and the braking rocket is lit, after moving it to the opposite end of the now-shortened tether.
The fusion braking rocket provide the final deceleration as the vessel arrive at it's destination.

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