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  • 13.12.2014 - A radio controlled camera

    An $20 JPEG camera, an $4 RF module, Atmega and some batteries.
    Yesterday i've put them together into a little radio-controlled time lapse camera, and wanted to see how long the batteries will last.
    So, it was left staring out of the window from 2:50 to 20:30 taking about 1 frame each 30 seconds.

    The result happened to illustrate the mood of a winter day in Moscow.

    The camera itself:




    On 4 AAs it runs for about 30 hours, on 4 AAAs - 12 hours.

    This got me thinking - how about a camera for time-lapse photography, that would run from batteries for a few months (i.e. from a bunch of D cells)?
    The idea is kind of to leave it be in a nice spot and come back next year, without worrying about getting power there.
    This one seem to be quite inefficient on that front, having to transmit the frames, and thus keeping the camera module on all the time.


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    21.03.2017 08:17 - janiceSordmq76

    what is the value of capicitors C4 and C5 thank you
    14.09.2016 22:43 - noah

    Hey Nelson, you \\\\\\\"have been trying\\\\\\\" and yet want \\\\\\\"exactly the parts used\\\\\\\". That doesn\\\\\\\'t sound like trying but rather cloning aka mass production clone attempt.

    I wouldn\'t see any reason as to why you would need the exact parts provided if you really would have tried that yourself.
    04.05.2016 13:08 - not_nelson

    I have been trying to do the same thing that your doing for a while now can you please provide exactly the parts you use
    27.04.2016 00:57 - Nelson

    It's on the download page since a while ago. I guess i should have mentioned it in some visible place.
    26.02.2015 02:26 - Artlav

    Any news on when the firmware will be ready to download? I have a building project at work (a new school) that I'd like to film with a year long time lapse...
    25.02.2015 02:13 - Darren Jones

    Нет, не коммерческий. Прошивка скоро будет выложена - ещё нужна доработка.
    24.12.2014 23:48 - Artlav

    Очень интересный проект 5+, это коммерческий? или возможно увидеть файл прошивки.
    24.12.2014 23:10 - Alex

    Certainly, once i'm sure it is working reliably.
    23.12.2014 12:35 - Artlav

    will you make the code available?
    23.12.2014 03:26 - erik

    That would be "Ether" from Youtube audio library.
    22.12.2014 19:50 - Artlav

    Cool project -- whats the music on the Moscow time-lapse? Fits very well with the video.

    22.12.2014 19:25 - Bob

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