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  • 27.08.2016 - Making shadows

    A shadow have a shape of the thing that's casting it. A flat projection, devoid of colors.
    Regression from rich and volumetric to monotone and flat.

    How often are people making shadows?

    There is a point when you look at all the things you made, and see nothing but shadows of real things, existing or emerging.
    It sounds like the same idea, but the thing you did is like a schematic to the other thing that is a painting.

    With great effort you try to make a thing that can be used, learning all the tiny little details that ornate the core idea and make it usable.
    You implement them all, and get something which is almost usable.
    But on a closer look, it's still a mere shadow, lacking half the features that are used every day instead of in a test suite.

    You jump to something else to work on.
    You try to stop comparing, and yet spent days inspecting edges and details of some other, similar, work.
    To grasp the core idea, to try to replicate it, and stare at another shadow.

    Another thing. You map the parts that must be made to work, you stretch that bridge across the gap.
    One day the bridge have reached the other end, and the thing works.
    A rare but familiar rush of getting something done, of seeing a thing that does a task you thougt you'll never be able to make.
    But wait the rush out, and take another look - that thing is a mere shadow, a bridge that's barely there. It can be crossed at peril, but you find yourself preferring the real one.
    Another shadow.

    Sometimes the things look like they are on their own. A thought, refined over years, of which there doesn't seem to be anything similar around.
    But it is just a question of time or scope - one day you find what's shadow your thought was, or someone would make that real thing.
    For all the effort spent, the end result is only a shadow.

    There is a point when you look at all the things you made, and notice that there is a pattern.

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