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  • 30.07.2016 - How to split your ETC and ETH using MyEtherWallet

    Let's split the ETH you have into clean ETH and clean ETC, each on it's own wallet.
    This guide is for people who use MyEtherWallet (MEW) and don't want to bother with the complexities of having a "real" wallet and gigabytes of blockchain on their system.
    (All the keys and passwords in this guide are fake, you should use good passwords and encrypted JSON versions!)

    1. Have a wallet from before the fork.
    2. Didn't receive any ETH into it after the fork (complicates things)

    First, generate and secure the new wallets by going to MEW and using the "Generate wallet" function.
    One for ETH, that we would call H ( 0x6F8B01Bf060d8C112A1056653a93c1Ace14f7feE for examples), and one for ETC - C ( 0xA8eDfF761E9B0Ae0e5307f3C270c2aa70dE1115a ).

    The next steps are best performed with a small amout first, just in case you made any errors (this is a common sense wisdom of working with any crypto).

    Go to the MEW's Send Ether function with your original ETH wallet.
    It would show that you still have both ETH and ETC.
    Use the ETH Only function to send all but a little of ETH to the H wallet.
    You should leave a little ETH behind for gas, since the ETC transaction would have a ETH side of the contract.

    Observe the funds on (ETH) and (ETC)

    The ETH should go to the H wallet, and the old wallet should show almost empty.
    The ETC should go out and back in, with nothing showing up on the C wallet.

    Now, repeat the same steps for the C wallet.
    Only this time chose the "Only ETC" option.
    On getting back to MEW, you should see that your ETH balance is near zero, but ETC is still all there.

    Once that transaction is sent, the old wallet will be near-empty on both chains, and you should observe the ETC on the C wallet.

    Be aware that the "Only *" send the ether through a split contract, which would produce an output that most sites like exchanges don't recognize.
    So, if you want to send the ETC to an exchange, for example, you should use the "ETH (Standard Transaction)" function.

    You might observe that doing so with MEW from your ETC wallet would produce an error message.

    MEW's code checks for error conditions and does not let the transaction thru.
    You see the field named "Signed Transaction"? That is the code that should be transmitted to the blockchain.

    One option is to transmit it manually, i.e. using (CEW).
    Go to CEW's "Offline transaction" page, paste the above hex from MEW into the "Step 3: Send / Publish Transaction (Online Computer)" field, and transmit.

    Alternatively, you can use CEW just like MEW, and "Send transaction" from there, but at the moment that site is not even HTTPS and i'm wary of it.
    Using a pre-signed transaction in there mitigates any flaws it might have.

    If you liked this guide, feel free to donate.
    ETH: 0xa2B2181ff022E6b8E9486d5B7991B1c344E2A996
    BTC: 1Jsk3JxQmFQP5dwe3gLpJueC3QUp61iFuU

    Hi alain.

    As far as i understood you, you expect to get ETC from a transaction originating from a contract that only exists on the ETH chain?

    If so, no luck - ETC only mirrors ETH that was there pre-fork. After the fork the mirroring is usually accidental, that is if someone sent you ETH without splitting away their ETC first. "DAO refund" contract won't exist on the ETC chain, so there is nowhere for ETC to appear.

    Something along these lines.
    08.08.2016 22:44 - Artlav

    I withdraw my ETH against my "DAO-token" after the fork,
    and the corresponding ETC do not appear in my Wallett (with MEW) : what's the problem ?

    Thanks for the guide !
    ( for the answer)
    07.08.2016 19:37 - alain

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