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  • 27.06.2015 - A box of sunshine

    Some time ago i came across a Xenon Short Arc lamp from a movie projector.
    2.5KW, or 100000 lumen.
    I wanted it to shine...
    And shone it did.

    The lamp is Tungsram XHP 2500/2, made in 1969.

    Was said to be new old stock, appears to be somewhat used.

    I made a box for it.
    The driver is underneath, the lamp goes into a plexiglass enclosure.
    The plastic is dispersive, UV absorbing and hopefully thick enough to absorb the shrapnel from the lamp bursting (60 atm of xenon gas inside, anxious to get out).

    Underneath the lamp is a fan.
    It keeps it cool, but i still don't know if it's a good idea to let it blow at the lamp like this.
    It's surprisingly difficult to find any detailed design guidelines on making enclosures for such lamps.
    They would say to provide 6 m/s of cooling airflow, and on the next line say not to blow air onto the lamp...

    But it seem to work so far.

    It's quite bright in the lab just before ignition.

    But it gets so much brighter after.
    None of the original lights were turned off - next to the big one they are as good as not there.
    I measured 15000 lux, 2 metres away perpendicular to the box.

    The power of the sun...

    ...on the top of your desk.

    And that's how a box of sunshine was made.

    I have no idea what to use this for.
    Mood recovery during polar nights?
    Sunbathing on a rainy day?
    Make some sort of an art installation (aka a lighthouse) on the roof of the building?

    \\\\\\\"Alarm\\\\\\\" clock. You can make the Sun to rise every day at the same time. When you wake up from the Sun light you can be very productive, mentally. There are comercial products for this but this lamp might be better.

    About the cooling air: I think they mean not to blow cold air directly on the lamp. The temperature difference might crack it. But you do need to evacuate hot air...
    13.05.2016 12:29 - Vali

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