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    Orbiter Shipyard
    Last updated: 100111

    Orbiter Shipyard is a tool for Orbiter add-on developers that allows them to visually edit their vessels. All you need is a mesh and an idea, and the OSH will let you make a full-featured, DLL-driven vessel add-on.

    Developed and debugged, largely on hold for Orbiter 2010 release.

    -Files and threads:
    Orbiter shipyard is not released yet, but there were two alpha releases:

    Station shipyard:
    A procedural space station generator based on OSH code, now a subcomponent of the whole.
    Was released as a separate alpha on OH:
    OF thread for bug reports and discussion:

    Orbiter Shipyard alpha:
    A first look-and-feel alpha release of OSH.
    OF thread for bug reports and discussion:

    Hi! I arrived to this site from this forum page:
    I found the project of the wormhole visualization very interesting. Is the project still active? Or have you made a newer version of the last release on that thread?
    You can answer to me to the address:
    03.09.2014 16:52-Nev

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