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    Amazing content, you reached an individual which will take this forever, and maybe hang on a wall or something...
    30.06.2016 14:10 - INspired

    Remember me? We've talked before on Orbiter Forums. Today I'm but a ghost. I feel what you speak about. I remember when I first visited your (this) website and it was a split English/Russian thing at the index page. I thought it was funny that you said it was always under construction. Even when I though you were "nobody" at first, I thought it was pretty cool an different the hardware projects you described. That's one of the reasons I moved on from attempting to make Orbiter mods (that never really went anywhere, anyway). Maybe I'd miss it if this website disappeared...
    05.11.2015 21:06 - DigGil

    You're right. Like your project's


    18.08.2015 15:45 - Alain

    Came across your blog today for the first time. I am surprised I wasn't aware of it earlier. Your projects are really inspiring.

    It was interesting to see this post on the blog. I think you are correct in the issue you're identifying. I don't know how many people read your blog, but the content is outstanding.
    08.06.2015 09:18 - matthew mcdonald

    I admire your heart and mind, Artem.
    20.04.2015 04:49 - kent

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