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    Grand Flagplanting Tour
    -> GFpT Chapter 1 (Mercury - Venus)
    GFpT Chapter 2 (Earth - Moon)
    GFpT Chapter 3 (Mars and it's demons)
    GFpT Chapter 4 (On the way and around Failure)

      Orbiter screenshots - Grand Flagplanting Tour Chapter 1

    On Molten Rock the dust was moving.
    The sun shone low in the valley.
    Particles shot from galaxies far far away hit the surface...


     In the dance of atoms order had emerged in form of a terrestrial vessel.
    A being on board, an alien from another, yet the same, universe took human shape and looked around.
    There was job to do.


     Wondering about the unstraightening rigidity of his space suit, he unrolled the flag of the Old Empire.
    In this place it will stand for a long time.


     The flag stood well, the space suit would not bend.


     With the job done on this rock, it's time to ascend away from it.
    The Deep Star was a nice ship to fly around.
    Whatever put it in orbit had a good taste for space vessels.


     A misty world of Oven awaited it's turn, only 65 days away.


     65 days away.


     The Raven Star, unlike the Deep one can get down on the surface of a big rock.
    So comes undocking.
    Then descent.


     And the world below looks surprisingly different from what the stupid on-board computer keeps insisting it flies over.


     Convenience is an important concept on a world that have a very hot and pressed surface.
    Conveniently, there is a place to land on far away from it.


     How long can a flag last down there?


     How long will it fall?


     Will it ever reach the bottom?


     Looks like he have a looong time to wait and find out.
    The way to the next world will not be open anytime soon.


     Yet, sooner or later, the time gets right and the hospitality of a station hanging in the middle of nowhere stays behind.


     In two quick sweeps along the curve...


     ...and a long coast well up it's outer reach...


     ...The Stars had meet again...


     ...To go on to the next, blue planet and it's dusty Moon.

     Grand Flagplanting Tour Chapter 2 (Earth - Moon)


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