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    DIY ebook reader
    Last update: 6th Febuary 2015
    Mk 2 Description
    Mk 1 Description
    Mk 1 Hardware
    -> Mk 1 Firmware

      Microbook - Firmware

    Download sources and binary:

    Firmware consists of two parts - a bootloader, and a program itself.
    The loader initializes the SD card, and checks for book_upd.avr.
    If the file is found, it would be used as a firmware update.

    The program itself works with the rest of the hardware.
    FAT16 reading is done by a trimmed version of Petit FAT.
    Only FAT16 cards, under 2 Gb of size, are supported for simplicity.

    Four buttons, left to right: back, up, down, select.
    Main menu selects read mode or browse mode, and allows for settings.

    File select menu allows, naturally, file select.
    Names of all files opened at any time are stored in FRAM, with their respective positions, so selecting a previously opened file would get you back to where you left it.

    Reading tools menu is accessible by pressing select in the reading mode.
    Here you'll find the scrolling modes, quick-access backlight controls, and status, such as battery and book position.

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